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Hi! I'm Dániel, welcome to my site. I'm a software engineer currently working from Berlin, Germany. I did my Master's in Computer Science and Engineering at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics where I graduated with highest honours, and has been working in the industry since early 2018.

During my Master's I've minored in data science, mainly focusing on Natural Language Processing (NLP). The last few years I've been a backend developer working in Kotlin, but I'm also interested in frontend (this site is a good example), UX design and data science.

As part of my job, I've professionally worked with a quite a few technologies, including backend (.NET Framework and Core, Spring via Java 8 and Kotlin; and some PHP - but if anybody asks I'm denying this one), frontend (Angular, and a little bit of WPF, React), and had my fair share of working with databases (SQL Server and Oracle mainly, I still have nightmares of materialized views.)

I've gained experience on different agile projects and teams, working on:

  • the backend systems of multinational insurance companies where I experienced what it's like to maintain both monolith and microservice architectures
  • an internal frontend of an international bank
  • a project aiming to modernize a multinational oil company's point of sale system, on which I ended up becoming the technical lead
  • a global telecommunications company's complex, legacy backend systems and optimizing ETL flows needed for testing

In my free time I enjoy skateboarding (street, long and surf 😉), cycling, hiking, basketball and on occasion playing online games.